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I’m well aware that this is a very champagne problem to have, but when you’re dating a millionaire and you’re not one yourself, holiday gifts can be a tricky thing. What do you get the guy or gal who can and does buy everything they could possibly want? The pressure is especially on when they’re generous gifters themselves. You want them to feel as special as they make you feel, but you can’t exactly cover a weekend jaunt to the Maldives or a Michelin starred meal. Fear not, my little millionaire lovers. I have some wonderful gift ideas for you to gift this holiday season that will make your boo feel the love without breaking the bank or your credit card limit.

Tickets to a cover band

I love a good cover band. Honestly, I love a mediocre cover band, too. It’s so fun to see people do what they love and that’s exactly what a cover band show is. The musicians love the music they’re playing and everyone else loves the music they’re dancing to. The passion in the room is palpable. If your millionaire has a favorite musician, Google up a local cover band of that musician and take your boo to the show. It’s guaranteed to be a fun night. And even though your boo can certainly pay to see the musician IRL, there’s a level of unabashed fun that goes on at a cover show that no amount of money can buy.

Get some sexy skills

You can take a class, or just watch some YouTube videos, on a new sexy skill that can be your holiday gift. For example, you can learn how to do a strip tease and show off your skills as your present. You can also treat your millionaire to a fun little sensual couple’s massage class together, if you have a few dollars to spend. Learning these new skills will be a priceless addition to your boudoir repertoire.

Recreate luxury romance

Take a romantic trip down memory lane and recreate some of the best experiences you two have shared together, but on a budget. Just because you can’t actually take your boo out to a fancy meal or a great trip doesn’t mean that you two can’t relive the experience together. Get the cookbook from that fancy restaurant you went to your third date and make the meal you shared. Or if you know your millionaire loves waking up in a fancy Parisian hotel, turn your living room into one by getting some croissants and juice and pretending to have room service delivered. You could even make a construction paper “view” of one of the best vistas you guys have seen together. Get creative and nostalgic and I know anything you cook up will be very appreciated.

Make coupons

This may seem like you’re phoning it in, but if done correctly, the coupon book can be a totally adorable gift. Make coupons for things you know your man or woman wish you would do together, but you never want to. Maybe it’s a coupon for a season of watching that new HBO series you know you won’t like. Or it could be a coupon to be the one who turns off the hall light when you both are already tucked into bed. Maybe it’s a coupon to let him or her pick the next movie you guys see together. If it’s truly tailored to little things you know will make your millionaire happy, a coupon book can be the holiday gift that keeps on giving year round!

Tasty tour

This one requires a lot of planning and a little money, but it shouldn’t be too much moolah. Think of the small treat your boo likes to eat most. Maybe it’s tacos or brownies or French fries. Then set up a city-wide tour where you hit the best spots for those treats in town. Depending on what the treat is, you may want to plan an entire day of touring with lots of non-eating activities in between because it’s not that romantic to get a tummy ache.

Hope this helps you folks on a budget feel like you can really treat your millionaire boo! It’s not about the price tag, it’s about the effort and love that goes into a gift that really makes it special.