Dating a millionaire has a lot of perks that are so obvious, I honestly don’t think I need to go into them. There are also some hurdles of dating a man with a lot of money, too. And the issue I’m going to tackle in this post is gift giving. Getting a gift for a man who has everything is tricky. He buys himself anything he really wants. And with his bank account, it’s going to be difficult to top anything he already has access to. But, you still want to make your mister feel special over the holidays, so of course you’re going to get him a present. The only issue is what are you going to get him? What could you get your millionaire man that he hasn’t already thought of himself? I’ve put together a list of some ideas that I think any man would love and I hope gives you some inspiration for what to gift to your special millionaire fellow.

Gifts for a millionaire man

Commission a painting

Getting a painting done especially for him is something no man would ever get himself. You could have a painting created that’s a portrait of the two of you together, if you are very seriously dating him or married to your millionaire. If it’s a newer relationship, I’d stick to something like painting a memory you two share together. You could get the ski house you two love painted or a very specific view of a landscape you hike to as a couple together. This can be a really touching and meaningful token of your affection.


cufflinksDo you know what manery is? It’s man jewelry! No man can have too many cufflinks or tie clips, so if you get him one of those two things, he’ll definitely use them. My favorite piece of manery that I’ve seen this season is a set of cufflinks from David Yurman, the Chevron Cufflinks with Black Diamonds. You don’t normally think of pave diamonds as masculine, but these cufflinks are so manly. They’re something a sexy villain in a James Bond movie would wear, right?


A scent is a very personal thing, so you’d have to know your millionaire very well to get him new cologne. But, if you do feel like you know him intimately enough to get involved with his smell, hand-selected cologne can make a wonderful gift. I love anything by Tom Ford for a man. It’s like sex appeal in a bottle. Or, you can get him cologne that you custom craft yourself especially for him. If you live in a major city, a quick Google can pull up several perfumeries that will help you whip up something one-of-a-kind for your guy.

An experience

This is a tricky one because millionaires generally experience whatever they want, whenever they want. But, there are some fun things you can think of if you get creative enough. You could give him a coupon book of sexual experiences you know he’d enjoy. That’s always a popular option! Another idea would be to think of something he really loves, say a museum, and then make some calls and figure out what kind of exclusive opportunities they have there. Maybe you can take a special tour of his favorite exhibit or have an after hours private dinner. You could also call up his favorite restaurant and see if you can get private cooking lessons for two. This idea takes a little extra thinking and involves more than just a credit card swipe, but it’ll be worth it when you see how much your man enjoys it.


hibikiIf your man and you aren’t quite serious yet, but you want to show him just how much you care, get him a bottle of his favorite booze. Any dude with a pallet for alcohol would appreciate that. Or, you could try to expand his horizons by getting him a bottle of the type of alcohol he loves that he may have never tried. For example, a lot of whiskey drinkers don’t know that Japan actually has some very interesting whiskey. Try something like Hibiki 17 Year Old whiskey. A lot of people are buzzing about this brand of whiskey. See what your man thinks!

Boudoir pics

Get a little something sexy and special for your man by doing your own boudoir shoot and gifting him a nice framed picture of yourself looking like a bombshell. I love this gift idea because it’s the gift that keeps giving. Not only does your man have something special to look at forever, a boudoir photo shoot can be incredibly confidence building. So, you’re kind of getting a gift, too!


umbrellaAnd here’s another option for a new relationship, a fancy schmancy umbrella. It sounds weird, I know. But, I’m just so in love with these Alexander McQueen Bone-Handled Umbrellas that I had to put them on the list. They’re such a statement. That handle just screams unique masculine style to me! And even the richest man in the world can’t have too many umbrellas. They’re easy things to lose and you need several of them.

I hope one of these seven gifts for a millionaire man sounds perfect for your millionaire manfriend. If you have other ideas for gifts for the man who has everything, please leave them below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure other readers will too!

Happy holidays, my love! Stay tuned for more holiday content to come!