Valentine’s Day gifts are tough to buy in general because they need to represent so much…or so little, depending on where you are in a relationship. And then, buying gifts for men is tough in general. If you’re going with traditional “manly” stuff, men just don’t have a lot of fun options. Layer on top of buying a gift for a millionaire man, who can and probably does, buy himself anything he wants, and you’ve got a seriously difficult gift to buy. A Valentine’s Day gift for a millionaire man might just be the hardest gift to find ever. Well, I’m here to help you with a few options.

Recreate a shared memory

This is a sweet and sappy idea, which is my favorite type of gift. Recreate a special memory you guys have together. What’s great about this option is that you can do this in a really budget friendly way, if you need to. You could take him to dinner at a place that is meaningful to your relationship. Or, you could Google up some recipes from that place and cook them yourself at home. Same thing with a weekend trip—actually take him to a place you both love or decorate your living room to look like your favorite hotel and make an appetizer from the cuisine of the best country you two have visited together. This one really isn’t about the money you spend. It’s a gift of thoughtfulness. So cheesy and so something I’d love to get or give!

Get nasty

It’s Valentine’s Day, which is a super romantic and super sexy holiday. Reflect that in your gift! You could create a really sexy night for the two of you with a long, scented bath, some lingerie you know he’d like, new satin sheets… and a lot of time between them! You might want to get yourselves a hotel room to change up the scenery. Or you could live out a fantasy you know he has. A romantic, sexy night makes for a great gift. After all, it’s not something he can get himself!

Something you want

So, what do you get for the guy who has everything? Something you want! Get him a cologne you find irresistible. Or maybe you think he’d look great in purple but he doesn’t own any. Get him a violet shirt! Want him to have a more stylish haircut? Go ahead and schedule him an appointment at a trendy salon! This is your chance to make those little tweaks you’ve always wanted to make. And, you’ll get to make them without coming across as a nag. In fact, you’ll seem generous. Win, win!

Happy gift hunting, my loves. Hope your millionaire man likes whatever you wind up getting him!