Gifts of jewelry are obviously always a special treat. There’s something very romantic and touching about a man going to a jewelry store alone and trying to find the perfect thing to make you smile. And there’s a lot of meaning in a jewelry gift. This is especially true when you’re dating a millionaire, like most of my clients. Jewelry from a millionaire can say a lot about his feelings towards you and your relationship. Here are some hints about what your millionaire man might be thinking based on the jewels he’s gifting you.

Necklace Jewelry

This is a man who is very attracted to you and committed to the relationship. He’s not ready to make a serious commitment yet, but he’s certainly thinking about a future with you and excited about the possibilities. There’s something so sexy about a man helping a woman put her necklace on and buying you this means that he wants to do that for you every time you wear that necklace. Also, a necklace is a very prominent piece of jewelry. So, he’s hoping that you wear it a lot so he can admire it on you. All in all, getting a necklace is a very good thing.

Diamond bracelet Jewelry

Getting a bracelet from your man isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not a good thing in terms of his point of view on your relationship. Unless you specifically asked for a bracelet, it means that he wasn’t sure what else to get you. A bracelet can be worn with many other pieces of jewelry together, even other bracelets, so it’s not exactly a statement piece. It says he might not know your tastes that well, or maybe isn’t putting in the effort to get to know your taste.

Non-engagement ring Jewelry

A ring from a man you’re hoping is going to propose is bad news. This is a guy who’s never going to take the plunge and ask you to marry him. He knows that giving you a non-engagement ring will buy him some time, until the marriage conversation comes up again. I say have a serious talk with the fellow and make sure your plans for the future of your relationship sync up. If not, time to take off this ring and find someone who’s more willing to commit.

Gem earrings Jewelry

This one’s a toughie because earrings are a really fabulous present to get. And diamond earrings are an obvious win. But, precious gems can mean a lot of things. If the gem he got you is something personal, like your birth stone or a favorite color, then this means this guy wants your relationship to last a while. But, if it’s not and he went for gems instead of diamonds for no apparent reason, it could mean that he’s not as invested in your relationship as he could be. Millionaires make their decisions about investing shrewdly and hedge certain bets. Seems like he might be doing that with you. Time to have a conversation and check in with your boo, I think!

I know I didn’t cover every single type of jewelry possible. But, those are the biggies. If you have specific questions, comment below with what type of jewelry you received from your man and I’ll let you know my thoughts on what it means about your relationship.