I made my name setting up wonderful women with very wealthy men and have since expanded to include female millionaires and gay and queer clients. It’s a fantastically rewarding job and I love it. Even though the relationships I set up seem like fairytales come true, the truth is that my clients have relationship struggles just as much as any couple. And I find that I hear a lot of repeated issues from the clients whom I set up with my millionaire clients. There are some really common, but really surprising, hard things about dating a millionaire. Here they are.

Being lonely

Millionaires become millionaires by working really hard. And then, on top of the work obligations, there are a lot of social obligations in elite circles. Millionaires travel often, too. A lot of my clients who get serious with millionaires complain about being lonely. This is true even when they know their millionaire partner loves and values them a lot. It’s still lonely when you’re not able to spend a lot of time with your boo. There are no two ways around that. Of course, I offer solutions and ways to reframe the situation, but you can’t deny that loneliness comes with the millionaire relationship territory.

Getting intimidated

Going on a date with a millionaire is intimidating for all of the reasons you get intimidated by a normal date. After all, they’re just normal people with abnormally large bank accounts! But, entering into their world can be more intimidating than other worlds. Millionaires spend their time doing elite things with elite people. And by definition, elite people, places and things aren’t warm and cozy to outsiders. It’s easy to get intimidated by people who are very well educated or experts in fields you know nothing about. And being uncomfortable and on edge makes it difficult to foster a relationship. I always tell my clients to talk to their partners about this and ask for help when they need it. The right partner will support you through things that make you uncomfortable, millionaire or not.

The judgment

When you date a millionaire and you’re not one, you get judged. A lot. People will talk behind your back and probably even to your face. They’ll question your motives for dating a wealthy person and won’t be polite about it. It’s going to happen, no question. What isn’t guaranteed is you two surviving this judgment storm. So, it’s up to you guys to figure out if this kind of stuff is going to make you or break you. Talk about your feelings and how to handle this kind of gossip and rudeness. Can you two help each other through this? If so, I’d bet a million dollars that you two will make it long term!

Hope this helps those of you in relationships with millionaires know you’re not alone and those considering dating a millionaire some idea of what you’ll experience. From all my time in the relationship business, I can tell you that there are ways around all couple issues as long as you two are both in it!