Millionaires get into ruts just like the rest of us. Sometimes they need something a little unexpected. And a weekend trip to somewhere new can totally provide that inspiration and fun to pump some excitement back into your relationship. The only problem is that with many millionaires, it’s tough to find a spot they haven’t already explored. All the normal spots probably have a “been there, done that” feel to them. So, here are some unexpected ideas to suggest to your millionaire for your next weekend getaway.

Joshua Tree

If you and your boo have not been to Joshua Tree, this is going to be such a treat. Joshua Tree is weird in the best way. It’s gorgeous and there’s really wonderful hiking for all fitness levels. Plus, the food in the area is actually spectacular. There’s great music and lots of quirky shopping to take advantage of. And the places to stay are really memorable. Nothing is all out luxury, but there is so much charm that you won’t mind not having a 24-hour-a-day butler or a red carpet welcome every time you enter your hotel. The place is something special and spending a weekend there would recharge anyone’s batteries.

Your hometown

I know this sounds strange in a list of romantic destinations, but it actually is really special to see where someone’s from. You could take your boo to all of the spots that were important to you growing up and share intimate parts of your history. It would bring you two closer together and take your relationship to a whole other level. Go on a double date with your parents, joyride past your high school, drink forties on the roof of your car and listen to the music you grew up on. It will not just be romantic, it’ll be adorable and thoughtful.


Your millionaire has probably spent a lot of time in New York City. It’s where a ton of business and social obligations are when you’re a millionaire. But, I bet they’ve spent most of their time in Manhattan. Brooklyn is another borough of New York City and it’s fantastic. There are five star hotels there, great eating and fantastic off-Broadway shows. Or, maybe more like off-off-Broadway shows. But still fantastic! Take your boo to Brooklyn and spent the entire weekend exploring the museums, neighborhoods, coffee shops and waterfront. It’s so romantic and cute there. And the best part is that it’s not that touristy yet. You could live like a real Brooklyn local!

Hope this helps you cook up some ideas for a non-traditional trip to take with your millionaire. Think outside the box a bit when it comes to romantic trips and I bet you’ll be really delighted with what you find!