Millionaire men are their own species that’s a subset of normal men. When it comes to finding a woman to date, they look for most of the same criteria normal men do and then some. Bottom line is if you’re not putting in the effort the attract a normal dude, you’re never going to hook a millionaire man. But, even if you’re pulling out all the stops to attract a normal guy, you still could be falling way short on reeling in a millionaire man. In fact, you could be scaring them off. Here are three things that could be the problem.

Schlubbing it up

Millionaires are used to the best of the best. Women are no exception. Think about it. The women they see on a regular basis are either successful millionaires who have all the money in the world to look amazing, heiresses who have nothing else to do aside from coif themselves or the women who work at and frequent the fine restaurants, elite clubs and exclusive resorts they frequent. They’re not seeing frazzled moms in grocery stores or post-work out yogis running errands without makeup. They’re used to women looking their best. Men are visual creatures, so your appearance matters a lot. If you’re running around in a messy ponytail or showing up to first dates in ripped jeans, you’re scaring millionaires away. They’re programmed not to register schlubiness as sexy. So, dress up for dates with millionaires, even beyond a first date, and never schlub it up when you think your path might cross a millionaire’s.

Not keeping current

It’s hard to stereotype all millionaire men because I’ve worked with such a broad range of them. I will say that the one thing they all seem to have in common is that they are up to date on current events. Many of them read two newspapers before leaving their house in the morning. Those type of millionaires are looking for women who can keep up with them. If you’re not keeping up with current events, you’re not going to be able to. No matter how smart you actually are, no one looks intelligent when they’re clueless about the world around them. If you don’t want to scare a millionaire off, dive into the daily news and get yourself informed.

Going out in groups

Like I said, millionaire men are men. And men hate approaching a woman when she’s out in a big group of women. Millionaire men hate it even more. These guys are super busy and don’t have time to push through a firewall of friends to say hello to the one girl who caught their eye. I’m not saying they don’t want to work for a woman’s affection in general. But, they definitely don’t want to work for it before they even meet the woman. These guys are generally smart investors and dealing with a gaggle of friends for an introduction to one woman they don’t even know if they have chemistry with is not a smart investment of their time. If you want to meet a millionaire, stop going out in groups and start going out solo.

Single gals, I hope that helps you figure out why you’re not meeting any millionaire men. They’re out there and they’re dying to meet a quality girl like you. Just don’t scare them off!