Attention millionaire men! Every holiday is an opportunity to wow your lady with a generous gift. 4th of July is no exception. Sure, it’s a holiday to celebrate our nation’s independence, but why not use it to celebrate your relationship, too? If you’re celebrating with a gift, then think about a dress. A new dress is the perfect present, especially if you’re taking her somewhere to show it off. So, I pulled some fantastic summery dresses for you to consider for your lady. There should be something in here for every style. And if I missed your lady’s look, let me know in the comments. I’d love to get back to fake online shopping. Good for you guys and good for my bank account. It’s a win win!

MILLY Breton Striped Shirt Dress, $385

If your lady is a bit preppy, you have to get her this dress. It’s going to be her summer uniform. I’m not preppy at all and I’d wear this all the time! I love the way the differing stripe patterns work with each other to keep this simple cut super interesting. Plus, something about this reminds me of an outfit Julia Roberts would have worn in Pretty Woman if it were available then. Anyone else see that?

Alice + Olivia Lindsey Pouf Embroidered Sheath Dress, $698

No one on the planet does summer fun like Alice and Olivia and this dress proves it. It’s not what you would expect for a summer dress, as embroidery can feel very heavy and wintery. But, they pulled it off. This dress is plush without being heavy at all. Perfect for a casual BBQ, if she dresses it down with sandals, but easily wearable for something nicer. And, I don’t mean to put the pressure on you, but this is a perfect meet the parents ensemble. If you haven’t arranged for that yet, maybe now’s the time to do it!

Apiece Apart Appolonia Cold-Shoulder Sun Dress, $450.00

If your lady is very into fashion, she won’t give you the cold shoulder if you give her this cold shoulder dress! (I know! That was terrible. But, I couldn’t help myself!) Yellow is en vogue this season and this blousy dress is on point for a fashion risk taker. It screams summer fun! And with this bold color and cut choice, your lady is sure to stand out from the crowd at whatever Fourth of July fete you attend.

Halston Heritage Slit-Sleeve Pleated Dress, $395

Here’s another bright, fashion-forward selection. What I love about this one is how versatile it is. It’s perfect for summer, with its bright color and breezy cut, but it will also transition well into fall. The orange is rich enough to feel like an autumnal pallet and the sleeves make it good for changing temperatures. No matter when she wears it, your lady will feel amazing is the bright, attention grabbing number!

Maje Pandora Striped Jumpsuit, $510

This isn’t a sundress, but it’s such a sophisticated take on patriotic fashion that I had to include it. Plus, not every lady is a sundress lady. I love a jumpsuit because there’s literally nothing easier to wear. And this pattern is almost red, white and blue striped, but not quite. It makes it the perfect thing to wear to a Fourth of July event without looking like a second grade teacher on spirit day.

Tory Burch Walden Asymmetric Color Block Dress, $395

Another fantastic option for someone who wants to dress to theme for Independence Day, but doesn’t want to look like a rocket pop. The deep V neckline of this dress makes it super flattering for a lady who’s got it going on in the chest region. And the stripes will elongate her body, which any woman would be into. Plus, the rayon fabric of this dress is giving, which makes sizing less exacting. And that’s a plus when you’re giving clothing as a gift!

Fuzzi Cutout-Neck Long Coverup Dress, $375.00

Tight white dresses are must haves for formal summer occasions. If you’re taking your lady to an upscale event, this is the dress she should be wearing. It’s sexy to the max without showing off much skin. Plus, the way the neck is cut out gives it a bit of a rocker vibe. I love being able to look elegant and edgy at the same time!

Happy Fourth of July and happy gifting! Hope you’re having a great summer!