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4th of July sundresses to buy your luxury lady

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Attention millionaire men! Every holiday is an opportunity to wow your lady with a generous gift. 4th of July is no exception. Sure, it’s a holiday to celebrate our nation’s independence, but why not use it to celebrate your relationship, too? If you’re celebrating with a gift, then think about a dress. A new dress is the perfect present, especially if you’re taking her somewhere to show it off. So, I pulled some fantastic summery dresses for you to consider for your lady. There should be something in here for every style. And if I missed your lady’s look, let me know in the comments. I’d love to get back to fake online shopping. Good for you guys and good for my bank account. It’s a win win!

MILLY Breton Striped Shirt Dress, $385

If your lady is a bit preppy, you have to get her this dress. It’s going to be her summer uniform. I’m not preppy at all and I’d wear this all the time! I love the way the differing stripe patterns work with each other to keep this simple cut super interesting. Plus, something about this reminds me of an outfit Julia Roberts would have worn in Pretty Woman if it were available then. Anyone else see that?

Alice + Olivia Lindsey Pouf Embroidered Sheath Dress, $698

No one on the planet does summer fun like Alice and Olivia and this dress proves it. It’s not what you would expect for a summer dress, as embroidery can feel very heavy and wintery. But, they pulled it off. This dress is plush without being heavy at all. Perfect for a casual BBQ, if she dresses it down with sandals, but easily wearable for something nicer. And, I don’t mean to put the pressure on you, but this is a perfect meet the parents ensemble. If you haven’t arranged for that yet, maybe now’s the time to do it!

Apiece Apart Appolonia Cold-Shoulder Sun Dress, $450.00

If your lady is very into fashion, she won’t give you the cold shoulder if you give her this cold shoulder dress! (I know! That was terrible. But, I couldn’t help myself!) Yellow is en vogue this season and this blousy dress is on point for a fashion risk taker. It screams summer fun! And with this bold color and cut choice, your lady is sure to stand out from the crowd at whatever Fourth of July fete you attend.

Halston Heritage Slit-Sleeve Pleated Dress, $395

Here’s another bright, fashion-forward selection. What I love about this one is how versatile it is. It’s perfect for summer, with its bright color and breezy cut, but it will also transition well into fall. The orange is rich enough to feel like an autumnal pallet and the sleeves make it good for changing temperatures. No matter when she wears it, your lady will feel amazing is the bright, attention grabbing number!

Maje Pandora Striped Jumpsuit, $510

This isn’t a sundress, but it’s such a sophisticated take on patriotic fashion that I had to include it. Plus, not every lady is a sundress lady. I love a jumpsuit because there’s literally nothing easier to wear. And this pattern is almost red, white and blue striped, but not quite. It makes it the perfect thing to wear to a Fourth of July event without looking like a second grade teacher on spirit day.

Tory Burch Walden Asymmetric Color Block Dress, $395

Another fantastic option for someone who wants to dress to theme for Independence Day, but doesn’t want to look like a rocket pop. The deep V neckline of this dress makes it super flattering for a lady who’s got it going on in the chest region. And the stripes will elongate her body, which any woman would be into. Plus, the rayon fabric of this dress is giving, which makes sizing less exacting. And that’s a plus when you’re giving clothing as a gift!

Fuzzi Cutout-Neck Long Coverup Dress, $375.00

Tight white dresses are must haves for formal summer occasions. If you’re taking your lady to an upscale event, this is the dress she should be wearing. It’s sexy to the max without showing off much skin. Plus, the way the neck is cut out gives it a bit of a rocker vibe. I love being able to look elegant and edgy at the same time!

Happy Fourth of July and happy gifting! Hope you’re having a great summer!

Attract Millionaire

What to wear to attract a millionaire man

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I’ve written a ton about where to go to meet a guy, but meeting a man involves more than just being near him. You need to get his attention, too. And then, of course, it’s up to you and your charming personality to reel him in. But, between simply being in the right place and getting him to fall in love, there’s that initial attention grab. And a lot of that boils down to what you’re wearing. You need to put on specific things to get that specific kind of attention from a millionaire man. And here’s what those things are to attract millionaire men.

Red – Attract Millionaire

Red is a power color. There are no two ways about that. When you see someone in red, you get an aura of confidence and fearlessness. And that’s what a millionaire man, who’s confident and fearless himself, wants in a woman. Plus, it’s bright and eye catching. It’s universally flattering. And it’s really sexy. I dare you to put on a red dress and not feel amazing and invigorated. No one wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and thinks, “I’m going to put on my hottest red dress.” Red dresses are reserved for good moods and good days. So, red is an indication of feeling yourself. And that’s a good vibe to put out there.

Tight dress – Attract Millionaire

Fashionistas, you’re not going to like this. I know that trends change and lots of different silhouettes are popular with designers depending on the season. But, men don’t care about the trends. No man is going to be impressed by your haute couture culottes. And that $2,000 shift dress with no waist? A man couldn’t care less about the precision of the stitching or innovation of the pattern. A man wants to see your curves and the way to do that is a tight dress. I’m a big fan of bandage dresses. They suck you in and make your body look as tantalizing as possible. Zip one of those on and you’ll be getting the right kind of attention from the right kind of guy.

Show off an asset – Attract Millionaire

What do you love most about your body? Put it on display! Wear a short dress if you love your legs. (I’m personally majorly into that!) Go for a deep neckline if you’re into your cleavage. Show off that tummy if you’re proud of all the ab work you do to get a stomach like that. But, pick one. Showing off too much at once isn’t classy. Even if you feel confident about the look, it’s putting out energy that isn’t compelling to wealthy men. Millionaire men are looking for someone they can take to fundraisers and corporate functions and be proud to show off. A woman who’s wearing a bikini top and booty shorts doesn’t quite fit that ideal. Keep it classy and leave everything aside from one sexy asset to the imagination.

Heels – Attract Millionaire

I know heels aren’t comfortable and probably not great for your feet. I actually heard someone say that footwear is going to be the final frontier of feminism. Once women can wear comfortable shoes, we’ll truly be equal. And in some ways, I agree with that. But, for where we are now, heels are a must for when you head out hoping to pick up a great guy. They make you stand up straight and make everyone’s legs look 100 times sexier.

So, there you go! Slip on a tight red dress that shows off the part of your body you’re most confident about and a hot pair of heels and you’ll be millionaire man catnip!

Designer coats any woman would love this winter

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Winter is just around the corner. I’m lucky enough to live in California and not have to brave the ice and snow on the regular. But, my work does take to me to New York and the East Coast quite a bit, so I get my fair share of the freezings. The only thing that can really get me excited for bitterly cold temperatures is a fabulous new coat. So, I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite designer coats for you all. These would make great “just because” gifts… for yourself or a very special woman in your life.

Elie Tahari Aubrey Shearling Coat, $2,698.00

If your chin isn’t on your chest with drool running down your face when you look at this coat, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. This coat totally stopped me in my tracks. I just can’t get over how chic it is. You could wear this over a jean and t-shirt and still look like a million bucks! Love, love, love it!

Moncler Bellette Fur-Trimmed Jacket, $2,210.00

If you love somewhere seriously cold, which is anywhere that gets under 50 degrees Fahrenheit to this California girl, get something with serious frost protection. This coat is no joke about warmth, but is way more flattering than your average puffy coat because it has a very defined waist and those zippers for the pockets actually help to make the waist look even smaller. This coat could definitely warm you through the next snowpocalypse that comes the East Coast’s way!

Burberry London Sandringham Fur Collar Trench Coat, $2,195.00

How much does this military-style jacket make you want to stand up and salute? My personal answer: SOOOOO effing much! This coat is simple, but perfect. I love the structure. It’s physically impossible to not look put together when you slip into this!

The Row Fine Twill Augustus Coat, $6,290.00

I know, I know. A white jacket in winter can be a pain. But, I’d be willing to make weekly trips to the dry cleaner for this puppy. How elegant is this jacket? Such simplicity, but also perfection in every detail. Any woman would feel like a million bucks in this.

Tom Ford Leopard-Print Rabbit Fur Coat, $8,990.00

This is a bold statement, for sure. But, if you’re into animal prints, this coat is undeniably a winner. The black detailing on the cuffs, collar and down the side of the coat is what sells me on this one. It’s just such a pop of “wow!” which would be so welcomed on a dreary winter day.

Maximilian Sheared Mink Reversible Coat with Chinchilla Collar, $8,995.00

This coat is actually a two in one because it’s reversible. One side is silky and the other side is furry. Both are total stunners! I love that you can get multiple looks with one garment. Plus, this coat comes in navy! As much as I love black, sometimes it’s nice to have a coat that isn’t black, but is still dark enough to deal with all of the winter ickies that will be attacking it!

Giorgio Armani Cashmere Slim Coat, $7,045.00

How about that color, right? Totally spring! Believe me, after the third snowstorm of the season, you’re going to be dying for something bright and fun and this coat totally brings it! It’ll warm up your eyes with its color and the cashmere will keep the rest of you nice and toasty!

Happy freezing, my little snow bunnies! Stay warm in one of these fabulous designer coats and please tweet me a picture if you do wind up getting one of them! Would love to see you rocking this amazing winter wear!

7 Luxury fashion gifts every woman dreams of

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If you’re newly dating a woman and deciding what to get her for your first big token of affection, go with something she can wear. Every woman would adore adding a brand new piece of designer clothing to her wardrobe. And what’s great is that clothing says that you’re very into her without the commitment signal that’s associated with jewelry. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good piece of jewelry, but it’s not always appropriate, especially early in a relationship. Designer duds, though? Always appropriate. Here are seven fabulous gifts that I’m 100% your lady with love.

Alexander McQueen Sleeveless V-Neck Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue

I can’t with this dress. It is just perfection in Italian wool! Seriously! Every little detail is just to die for. The neckline will flatter any woman and I love that the hem is just a touch unexpected. It turns a little black dress into a total statement piece!

Armani Collezioni Jacket, Bloomingdales

Peplum is such a flattering cut on women and I love that it’s transitioning into outerwear, too. This leather jacket will hug her curves and accentuate her waist. It’s a piece that she’ll always feel like a million bucks in.

Balmain Strapless Beaded Velveteen Dress, Bergdorf Goodman

This dress is a total va-va-voom piece. Giving it tells your lady that you love her body and want to see as much of it as possible at all times! Not a bad message to send at all! One warning: If you give her this dress, you better have an amazingly romantic evening planned. It’s a special dress for a special night.

Roland Mouret Barkis Wool Cap-Sleeve Sheath, Saks Fifth Avenue

This dress is so high quality and classy. The color saves it from being too stuffy, though. This would be a great gift for a woman you’re bringing as a date to a work function for the first time. It’s really hard to find something conservative enough for corporate events without being snoozy. This dress totally nails it, though!

Gucci Nappa Leather Godet Skirt, Saks Fifth Avenue

What’s the temperature outside? Leather weather? Then this skirt is perfect! It’s a classically flattering cut and can easily be dressed up with a fabulous top, heels and tons of jewelry. But, can just as easily be paired with a t-shirt and booties for a more casual date. It’s so versatile. You’ll get to see your lady wearing this a lot if you gift it to her! She’ll enjoy it in so many different outfits.

Roberto Cavalli Long-Sleeve Embellished Mini Dress, Neimus Marcus

Here’s another piece that’s going to flatter just about every body type thanks to its natural waist and v-neckline. You can’t go wrong getting her this. And the stud detailing is such high quality work. This dress will certainly get a special place in her closet where she can admire it even when she’s not wearing it.

Roland Mouret Lowle Plunging-Neckline Jumpsuit, Bergdorf Goodman

This is a secretly sexy outfit. It covers a lot of skin, but shows just enough that your lady will definitely be turning heads all night. Plus, it’s so open at the neck that it leaves a perfect segue to a massive necklace gift when you’re ready to upgrade to jewelry!

Happy shopping! Your lady is going to be so happy with whatever you pick. Everything on this list is such a winner! Enjoy!

The hands-down best flats in the world

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Do you all watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Let me re-phrase that, are you guys as obsessed as I am with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I unabashedly love that show. Beverly Hills is definitely up there in my top favorite locations in the franchise. The drama is real, but more than that, the glamour is on point. Those women know how to turn it up. And no one is more dazzling than Yolanda Foster. She nails effortless glitz every time. What I love about Yolanda’s style is that she never looks uncomfortable. Often, she’s in jeans and flats and looks just as amazing as anyone in a tight dress and stilettos. What Yolanda really does right is pick the perfect flats. Her shoes always pull her outfits together in the most perfect way. So, I thought I’d do a little digital window shopping and pick out the best flats and share them with you!

jimmy_choo_flatJimmy Choo, Marcine Leather, Suede & Patent Leather Flats, $650

Starting with a bang here. I literally don’t think you can find a more perfect or more versatile flat. It’s exquisite. I love how it’s super structured, so you’ll still look very put together even though you’re not wearing a heel. And the mix of neutral colors keeps these in a basic color scheme that will go with most outfits, but makes sure the shoe is still eye-catching. I really love these.

Charlotte Olympia, Suede Embroidered Kitty Flats, $595

Yolanda, my flat fashion guru, loves a loafer, so I had to include something loaf-like in this round up and here it is! I went with something adorable and whimsical because why not? These kitty-faced shoes in an electric pink are sure to catch some eyes. And why not? Flats can be fun, too!

Aquazzura, Belgravia Suede Point-Toe Lace-Up Flats, $695aquazzura_flat

Nothing sasses a shoe up like a lace up. And in this case, the detailing up the calf takes this from a basic pointy toe flat to a va-va-voom night out shoe! The shoe comes in a few colors, but my heart is sold on the royal blue, not just because that’s Yolanda’s signature color. But, that’s definitely part of the reason!

Valentino, Rockstud Two-Tone Leather Cage Flats, $1095

Flats are often associated with preppy looks, but not these bad boys. Leave it to Valentino to find a way to rough flats up and give them total rocker appeal. The Valentino signature studs make even more of a statement on flats than they do on heels, in my opinion. Pick up this pair if you have a concert to go to and want to be able to rock all night long…or just look like you’re going to rock all night long!

Christian_Louboutin_FlatChristian Louboutin, Paulina Patent Leather & Plastic Point-Toe Flats, $645

If you’re looking for something very classic, incredibly wearable, timeless and the opposite of blah, then this is your pair. Such a subtle change on a class black flat but boy does it pack a punch. You’ll be making a statement without making a statement, you know?

There you go! My favorite flats available this season. You know I love my heels, but sometimes your tootsies just need a break. I wouldn’t mind taking a stiletto rest day in any of these amazing flats. Which one is your favorite?