If you’re brand new to dating your millionaire, his plans for your first holiday weekend together can actually tell you a lot about where he is emotionally and what your future together’s going to look like. So, find out his Fourth of July plans and read on to see what they mean.

Bringing you to his family’s BBQ

We’re starting with a homerun here. If your man – millionaire or not – is bringing you to a family event, you’re in, babe! He adores you and wants to show you off to his more important people. It’s a good sign for your future together and a good sign for the family you two could build. This means he’s family oriented and indicates he’ll be a dedicated and responsible partner and provider. Love him!

A massive party with friends and you

A big party is fabulous way to spend the Fourth of July and it’s a good indication that he’s bringing you. While it’s an intimidating way to meet his friends, it’s also a good way to get a sense of where you two stand as a couple. Listen for things his friends say that can give you clues. Does he bring dates to parties like these a lot? If so, your relationship may not be so special to him. If you’re the first in a while, right on! You’re heading in the right direction. Also, be on the lookout for how hard he parties. A crazy party guy probably can’t be counted on for a serious future no matter how into you he is.

Working through it

Maybe you millionaire is slammed at work or he could be involved in international business, and no one else around the world celebrates Fourth of July. Regardless, this is a big sign of what a relationship with him will be like. He’s a man who’s focused on work. And that’s fine… as long as you’re fine with it. Know that fun will probably take a back seat to your man’s career for a big part of your relationship. As a workaholic myself, I totally get where he’s coming from. But, it’s obviously a personal choice.

Meeting up post-fireworks

You two don’t have set plans together, but whenever you’re done with your evenings, you’re probably going to meet up. This is fine if you’ve been on fewer than five dates. If you’ve been on more than five date, you’re in uh-oh territory. Why isn’t he bringing you to his event? He’s a millionaire and can afford to take you anywhere. Plus, most social events for him are plus-one situations. Unless there’s a real reason, you could have missed that invite because he’s not into you enough to introduce you to his social circle. And, girl, you deserve someone who’s into you. Don’t settle!

Private evening for the two of you

If you two are spending the holiday alone together, that’s wonderful…as long as he’s planned something to make it special. If it’s more of a Netflix and chill situation, you could be in the same territory as “meeting up post-fireworks.” But, if he’s put some effort into spending his day off from work with you, then you’ve got a great guy who knows what it takes to make a relationship work. You two seem like you’re on a path to Serious Town.

Ladies, have a happy – and informative – Fourth of July!